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KODAK EvoCity Lens is designed to mitigate light management challenges of an urbanite, including reducing symptoms of light sensitivity. KODAK EvoCity Lens includes both photochromic and night vision enhancement properties, and can safeguard your eyes when adapting to light conditions.

From headlights and street lamps to neon signage, the glare and reflections produced by lights at night can drastically affect your vision and cause discomfort. Especially for night-lifers, the harsh lights can cause them to lose focus while on the road.

Your patients’ eyes are constantly exposed to blue-violet light, especially from the sun. However, the human eye is unable to filter it effectively. Like ultraviolet rays, blue violet light can be potentially harmful.

Up to 80% of UV rays can pass through the clouds on a cloudy day. Up to 40% of damage caused by UV rays occurs when we are not directly in the sun.

Adapting to changing light conditions can cause visual discomfort. KODAK EvoCity Lens’ photochromic versatility feature enables better adaptation and visual comfort through the darkening of lenses with exposure to UV.

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