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KODAK City Lens

We are not the same, we all have different vision requirements as we interact with our worlds. KODAK City Lens is a family of lenses designed to cater to the rigors of modern city living.

Progressive Vision Style


A supremely comfortable progressive design, with a broad near-vision zone and smooth transition zone. 
Ideally suited for those who enjoy a home in the city and a strong preference for reading and handheld digital devices.

  • Motion

    You are likely to have a settled life with less need for continual travel and commuting and making your way around the city as a pedestrian.

  • Work

    Work may take place in a smaller, closed environment or at home.

  • Connect

    You are likely to connect to the outside world using mobile technologies and handheld devices

  • Pleasure

    Leisure time is likely to be spent on tasks which require good close vision such as reading or craft activities.

Kodak Lens

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