For Vision After 40

Enjoy better vision and clarity with progressive lenses

Create Lens

My vision. Designed with me, for me.

Tailor your vision to your life with
KODAK Create Lens.

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Unique II + Unique II HD Lens

Be unique in your modern world.

Have a more comfortable digital viewing experience.

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Atlas Lens

Designed for extensive digital users.

Enjoy good vision at all distances, optimized
for even more screen time.

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Easy Lens

Having clear vision just got a whole
lot easier.

Easy adaptation and selection of frames
to suit your progressive lenses.

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Precise PB + Precise PB Short Lens

Single vision comfort, near vision clarity.

Meet your changing lifestyle needs with
exceptional vision.

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Intro Lens

The perfect introduction to progressive

Enjoy a smooth transition to
progressive lenses for new wearers

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Softwear Lens

A digital lens designed for the office
type environment.

Be more productive in the office with
better vision.

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